2023 Yamaha V MAX 90HP In-Line 4 – 20″ Shaft

2023 Yamaha V MAX 90HP In-Line 4 – 20″ Shaft

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Year: 2023
Make: Yamaha
Model: V MAX In-Line 4 90HP – 20″ Shaft
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2023 Yamaha V MAX 90HP In-Line 4 – 20″ Shaft


Engine Type Inline 4
Bore x Stroke 3.19 x 3.5 in. (81 x 88.9 mm)
Displacement 1.8 L
Starting Electric w/ PTT


Shaft Length 20 in.
Weight 353 lb. (160 kg)


Propshaft Horsepower 90 HP at 5500 RPM
Full Throttle Operating Range 5000 ~ 6000 RPM
Gear Ratio / Shift (28/12) 2.33 / Forward, Neutral, Reverse
Fuel Induction EFI
Alternator 35 Amp
Warranty Limited Pleasure Three Years, Government Three Years, Commercial One Year


The All-New VF90 In-Line Four V MAX SHO. A single-overhead-camshaft design with four valves per cylinder and 1.8-liter displacement make the I-4 V MAX SHO 90 a class leader in torque, top speed and efficiency. Even still, it’s one of the quietest 90-horsepower outboards on the water. That makes for some pretty stealthy fishing.

Available for mechanical remote or tiller control.

  • Quiet Power and Performance: The I-4 V MAX SHO® design maximizes combustion efficiency in a way that no two stroke can, delivering clean, quiet power and performance.
  • Midrange Power and Response: The V MAX SHO® 175 and 150 feature Variable Camshaft Timing, which optimizes the angle of the intake camshaft to increase power and throttle response in the low- and mid-RPM ranges.
  • Fuel Efficient: In-line Four V MAX SHO® designs are up to 40% more fuel efficient than traditional carbureted two strokes.
  • Optimum Power: Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection and long-track intake system combine to maximize power and fuel efficiency across the line of In-Line Four V MAX SHO® outboards.
  • Power Management: An array of advanced sensors constantly provide vital atmospheric and engine conditions to the Engine Control Module (ECM), which instantly makes the precise adjustments for optimum performance.
  • Unbeatable Reliability: The I-4 V MAX SHO® 175 and 150 feature a Cowling Drain System and Air Intake Labyrinth System to trap and drain water that enters their cowlings during normal operation.
  • Better Lubrication: Wet sump pump lubrication that uses a pressurized oil delivery system through an oil pump.
  • Engine Warning System: This system protects the outboard with a range of functions including: overheat protection and low-oil-pressure warning (automatically reducing maximum RPM to 2000), over-rev protection, water-in-fuel detection, start-in-gear protection and shift-in prevention at open throttle.
  • Corrosion Protection: Combined with our proprietary alloy (YDC-30), our exclusive Phaze Five™ electro-deposited, anti-corrosive paint system provides a tough, five-layer barrier against corrosion. This protection is standard on all Yamaha I-4 V MAX SHO® four-stroke engines.
  • Extra Space: A four stroke in-line design means there’s no need for an external oil tank. That means less weight and more storage room in the boat for tackle and gear.
  • Ample Charging Power: With 50 amps for the I-4 V MAX SHO 175 and 150, and 35 amps for the 115 and 90, their alternators produce enough power for battery charging and a range of on-board electronics.
  • Easy Rigging: I-4 V MAX SHO® outboards feature mechanical controls for easy, convenient rigging with most bass, bay and flats boats, and are compatible with analog, 6Y5 digital or Command Link® gauges.
  • Only 353 pounds
  • Available in 20” or 25” shafts
  • Powerful 35-amp alternator
  • Optional Variable Trolling RPM via the Command Link tachometer or our new, helm-mounted remote VTS® Switch
  • Engine Type: Inline 4
  • Displacement: 1.8L
  • Bore x Stroke: 81 x 88.9mm (3.19 x 3.5in)
  • Prop Shaft Horsepower: 90hp @ 5500 RPM
  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000 – 6000 RPM
  • Alternator Output at W.O.T.: 35 amp
  • Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
  • Fuel Induction System: EFI
  • Weight †: 353 lbs
  • Recommended Fuel: Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
  • Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube® 4M (See owner’s manual)
  • Recommended Fuel Filtration: Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)
  • C.A.R.B. Rating: 3-Star
  • Exhaust: Through Propeller
  • Intake: 16
  • Ignition: TCI Microcomputer
  • Spark Plug: LFR5A-11
  • Alternator Output: 35 amp
  • Starting System: Electric w/ PTT
  • Lubrication: Wet Sump
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 3.2L / 3.0L (with / without filter)
  • Recommended Cooling: Water, Thermostatic Control
  • Ethanol Blend Limit: 10% Maximum
  • Gear Ratio: (28/12) 2.33
  • Gear Shift: F-N-R
  • Shaft Length: 20″
  • Degree of Tilt: -4° through +66°
  • Degree of Trim: -4° through +16°
  • Dry Weight: (160 kg) 353 lbs
  • Mounting Centers: 26″
  • Steering Angle (maximum): 35° from center, either direction
  • Warranty: Limited Pleasure Three Years, Government Three Years, Commercial One Year.

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