Yacht Charter Management

Charter Management for Yacht Owners

Luxe Yacht Empire is the leading company in the charter market, managing the largest superyacht fleet worldwide. We are proud to represent some of the prime yachts on the market globally.

Our Charter Management department manages a fleet of over 150 yachts across the US, the Caribbean and Europe. With some of the most experienced and qualified charter management professionals in the industry, Luxe Yacht Empire Charter Managers are experts at positioning your yacht and crew in the top echelon of yachts available on the international luxury yacht market.

With our Charter Management teams based out of our offices in the US, MonacoGreeceCroatiaMontenegro and London, IYC offers the benefits of a global company with local expertise and support.

Over the course of the past years, the company has increased its fleet by +181%, with the addition of over 70 superyachts ranging from 20 to 80 meters. Luxe Yacht Empire has earned Owners’ trust through the proven ability to maximize yacht bookings and successfully manage a growing fleet.

Luxe Yacht Empire’s Charter Management team works closely with retail charter brokers from around the world who will present Luxe Yacht Empire’s charter yachts as the ultimate luxury yacht vacation to their clients.

Listing your Yacht for Charter

Many owners find that there are weeks or months where it is not possible to be on board their yacht as often as they would like to. Rather than keep the yacht stationary in port with a full crew on payroll, making the yacht available for select charters is a good option to keeping it in smooth operation.

Our Charter Management team will take care of all contracts and negotiations with charter clients, while ensuring that the yacht is available and in perfect condition whenever you wish to step aboard. Charter revenues supplement your yacht’s operating budget and offset expenses – big ticket items like fuel, dockage and utilities are taken care of by the charterer.

Getting the maximum value for your yacht

Luxe Yacht Empire employs some of the most experienced and qualified charter management professionals in the industry. For each yacht we develop a targeted marketing strategy, with the right value proposition, that will position it competitively on the international yacht market. Luxe Yacht Empire will raise the profile of your yacht, negotiate the most favorable short-term returns and increase its reputation to achieve a higher resale value over time.

Listing your yacht for charter will not only create value from a financial perspective. Our experience shows that frequent charters keep a yacht’s crew motivated and their training well practiced. They can build their expertise and geographical knowledge, along with seasoning the softer skills needed to provide superior service.

Your Yacht: A Top Holiday Destination

Every owner and every captain know the most exciting and unique vacation in the world is a luxury yacht charter. The question is: how to get the word out? Chartering a superyacht is simply the most luxurious vacation available: our approach ensures your yacht is portrayed as the perfect destination.

Each yacht program is led by an experienced Charter Manager, who is supported by a cross-functional team. The Charter Manager’s main responsibilities are to manage the yacht’s charter calendar and promote the boat for charter.

Our innovative approach to Charter Management is designed to attract the right client at the best-suited price. As soon as your yacht joins the IYC fleet, we customise a marketing strategy to ensure it succeeds in a competitive market, with the objective of creating the most positive returns. Our Business Intelligence team collects and analyzes data on the global charter market, and provides targeted and insightful advice for each yacht in our fleet.

You can rely on the expertise of our charter managers and in-house marketing team to build the right marketing strategy and develop quality marketing material. Our team will set a clear value proposition for the yacht, highlighting its unique selling points , in order to differentiate it from other similar superyachts on the market. Our team will also consult with the owner and crew on matters concerning the vessel to ensure it is in the best condition and will be well received by charter clients and brokers.

Wholesale Marketing to Retail Charter Agents

Besides our in-house team of renowned charter consultants, we work with brokers around the globe who present our yachts as the ultimate holiday choice to their clients.

Recognising the importance of effectively managing lead conversion in order to maximize the number of weeks booked, and thus the charter revenue, our Charter Managers are on top of the calendars and activities of the fleet to ensure that agent enquiries are on the fast track toward success. Quick, accurate information is the only way to achieve successful charter bookings on our fleet vessels.

We only use industry-approved contracts on our vessels, so there are no delays, which is critical to secure vessels during periods of peak demand. Our escrow procedures are secure – assuring that all financial transactions are held to strict protocols.

Marketing your Charter Yacht

Luxe Yacht Empire’s charter managers work closely with our marketing team to build the right marketing strategy for each vessel in our fleet. Luxe Yacht Empire has an experienced team of in-house marketing professionals who are responsible for promoting all charter yachts both through digital and traditional marketing.

We will work hand in hand with the yacht’s team to develop quality marketing material to promote the yacht, including photography, video, brochures, crew profiles, sample menus, suggested cruising itineraries and more. Content will be used across all platforms, including digital, social media, print, events and shows.

Digital Marketing:

Luxe Yacht Empire strongly believes in the power of digital for creating awareness and generating requests for each yacht. The company has one of the highest ranked websites in the yachting industry with top positioning in Google for all relevant search terms. We are investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital advertising, generating quality leads for yachts in our fleet. Each vessel is also promoted through the company’s social media channels.

Horizons Charter Magazine:

Horizons is Luxe Yacht Empire’s annual lifestyle charter magazine, featuring the company’s Charter Fleet and curated destinations for the upcoming season. Copies are delivered to our clients around the world, are distributed through our partner network, are placed in strategic locations (e.g. luxury hotels, private jet terminals, marinas) and are on display at major industry shows.

Luxe Yacht Empire’s in-house PR team engages with media worldwide to share relevant updates, promote yachts in our fleet and create awareness on the top charter destinations. Luxe Yacht Empire’s charter yachts are frequently featured in travel, business and yachting publications.

Yacht Shows:

Luxe Yacht Empire participates in the industry’s most prominent boat shows around the world, guaranteeing our charter fleet optimal exposure. With most charters booked through brokers, displaying a yacht at key boat shows helps keep the vessel present in the market and strengthen its image with industry brokers.