Yacht Charter Guide

Charter a yacht for the ultimate luxury holiday

Superyacht charter holidays have rightly earned a reputation as the most incredible and unforgettable holiday experiences in the world, combining one-of-a-kind destinations with privacy, first class service and an unbeatable luxury setting. Read on to discover the top reasons why a yacht charter offers an unparalleled escape from reality and how Luxe Yacht Empire can help you create your own bespoke luxury holiday experience.


Choosing a yacht to visit a more remote destination is particularly beneficial as it ensures comfort and luxury in many areas that otherwise have little by the way of tourism infrastructure. The growing popularity of specialist explorer yachts ensure that even the most remote destinations, such as Alaska or far flung Pacific islands, are in easy reach.
Luxe Yacht Empire offers a full destination guide to browse for food for thought on where your next adventure should take place.

Incredible Destinations

Chartering a yacht ensures the world is, quite literally, your oyster. With yachts based in a wide range of locations throughout the world charter guests have their pick of where to visit, with the transient nature of yachts offering unprecedented access to a host of unforgettable destinations accessible only by water. Whether you are looking for the vibrant energy of a city, a remote escape away from the hustle and bustle of the world, or a mixture of both there is a destination and a yacht to suit everyone. Unlike land-based holidays, travelling by yacht allows you to enjoy a huge variety of locations and experiences all from the same luxury base without limiting yourself to one or two destinations.

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The majority of charter yachts carry an exciting inventory of water toys and tenders, with everything from jet skis to large inflatable slides to choose from. Speed through the water, soar above the waves using a jet pack, or enjoy the serenity of paddling a glass bottomed kayak over a busy reef teeming with underwater life. Diving and fishing are particularly popular activities, with a yacht ensuring access to some of the world’s highest rated spots for both.

Your captain and crew can recommend options for sightseeing and visiting area highlights, or can set up special experiences such as a beach picnic or romantic meal on shore. Back on the yacht ample onboard spaces will ensure plenty of choice for whiling away the day, whether sunbathing, watching a movie or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Whatever way you choose to spend your days, when choosing a yacht you will be guided by IYC’s expert team to ensure your choice is perfect for you and all your guests.

Experience Unforgettable Moments Onboard

So much more than a base to enjoy a beautiful location from, a luxury yacht holiday is made particularly special thanks to the experiences and memories that are taken away long after the holiday is over. Whether a couple, friends or a family group, a charter is the perfect way to cater to a variety of tastes and interests. Enjoy a host of activities and excursions during your time on board, with your dedicated crew always on hand to set up and assist you at all times. Careful planning will ensure a varied itinerary for all guests and their interests, including shore based excursions, water-based activities and time on board.

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World Class Service

With a carefully hand-picked crew on board, service levels on yachts are unmatched, offering a six-star silver service experience from start to finish. Prior to your charter commencing, all your personal preferences will be taken into consideration to ensure that every last detail is to your exact liking. Should you require further bespoke crew on board, whether a specialist masseuse, trainer, holistic therapist, nanny or diving instructor this can easily be arranged.

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Unparalleled Cuisine

No yacht charter would be complete without fine dining to complement the overall experience. Food is at the heart of every charter, whether enjoying a beautifully fresh al fresco breakfast or a full a la carte tasting menu experience. Your yacht crew will always count a chef, whose passion is creating unforgettable menus for guests. Making the most of local ingredients, your chef will craft a bespoke menu to suit all tastes and dietary preferences, creating a showcase of flavors to wow even the most seasoned fine diner or wine lover. The details that add up to make a charter so special often include themed nights, with a menu to match, a custom cocktail to enjoy on a balmy night, or even just the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee made exactly the way you like it appearing by your side before you even ask.


The Perfect Setting for an Unforgettable Event

If considering a unique backdrop for a special occasion, such as a family gathering, wedding ceremony, reception or even a corporate event, a yacht provides the perfect setting. Yacht crew and your charter consultant will work together with you to ensure that every detail is considered so that your event runs seamlessly and exceeds all expectations. Many yachts in the Luxe Yacht Empire fleet are able to host larger groups for in port events, ideal for larger gatherings, wedding ceremonies or corporate functions, while smaller groups can benefit from the choice of any yacht or location for their event.

Picture a sunset wedding ceremony, with a remote desert island as the backdrop, or a bustling champagne reception on the deck of a yacht moored up in the heart of the Mediterranean, and it is not hard to see why a yacht is the ultimate setting for an unforgettable event. Other options on offer include themed charters, with holistic retreat-style escapes, gourmet-themed dining charter, or a movie-themed charter incorporating a tour around key film locations. Whatever you can dream can be organised.

Incomparable Luxury Base

Designed to the highest standards, superyachts have every comfort and amenity imaginable all in the most luxurious settings. Guests are able to enjoy beautifully designed spaces and generous cabins to relax in.

With a huge range of yachts on offer, each with their own personality and style, there is something to suit everyone from sumptuous classical styling or a bright modern setting.

Dependent on individual preferences, charter guests can choose a yacht with additional features to suit their lifestyle, with many yachts incorporating stand out design features including fully equipped gyms, saunas, outdoor movie theatres for screenings under the stars and more.


Planning Your Luxury Yacht Charter

Planning your own luxury private yacht trip might seem complicated or intimidating. For this exact reason, with only one phone call our professional charter consultants are available to help you select the right yacht, plan your itinerary and arrange all logistics before, during and after your trip.


Select Your Dates

When planning your trip, let your charter consultant know the specific dates that you are looking to book your vacation. We recommend that you make your reservations in advance and that you have a few different dates in mind to ensure availability. You should keep into consideration that holidays and “event” periods are usually in high demand and are often booked several months in advance. Certain yachts may require a ten day minimum charter during these busy periods.

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Choosing the Perfect Yacht

A large part of the fun of a yacht charter is the important decision of which yacht to choose to spend your time on and with an incredibly varied fleet on offer the choice is almost endless. Selecting the perfect yacht can come down to many factors including your destination of choice, number of guests/cabins and the type or design of yacht you are looking for. For example, many yachts are equipped for specialist dive or fishing charters, others are fast and ensure large distances can be covered at speed, while explorer yachts can take you to all the corners of the world. Your yacht consultant will undertake a detailed survey to ensure that every important consideration is understood, before matching you with a shortlist of yachts to make your choice from.


Choose your Destination

Let your charter consultant know the locations that you would like to visit. The Mediterranean is the most popular summer destination, especially during July and August, but you may also enjoy visiting New England, the Caribbean or Alaska. The Caribbean and the Bahamas are the most popular winter yachting destinations. The speed of your yacht, weather conditions and availability in a particular marina are all factors that will determine the specific locations and number of ports you can visit during your trip. Entering certain countries may be restricted by the yacht age or its size. Also, make sure that you have the appropriate visa permits to enter the countries you intend to visit.

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What is included in the Charter Rate

Charter rates include the yacht with crew service and all necessary equipment, properly insured for marine risks. Rates do not include fuel charges, local taxes, marina fees, provisioning, harbor dues, electronic communications and. If embarkation and/or disembarkation take place away from the yacht’s home port, delivery/return fees and expenses will also be charged. Crew gratuities are not obligatory, but it’s customary to leave 10% to 20% of the total charter fee, upon discretion and based on satisfaction. The best way to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain or charter consultant.

Number of people in your party

On most yachts, the maximum number of charter guests allowed by law is twelve. If you require a yacht that can accommodate a larger party, our consultants will make sure to send you a selection of yachts that are appropriately registered with a larger guest capacity. You should also take into consideration the number of separate cabins and beds available.

Calculating Charter Rates

Charter rates are quoted per week. Charters spanning for more or less than seven days are calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate (divided by seven or six respectively and multiplied by the number of charter days). Charters commence from noon onwards on the first day and terminate by noon on the last day. Some yachts have higher rates during the most popular charter periods and low season rates that apply to all other periods.


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Making sure you have everything you need on board

Every detail counts. Several weeks before you board your yacht we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire describing the preferences and special needs for all members of your party. This sheet will cover dietary preferences, medical requirements, details on any allergies, favorite activities, sporting and entertainment requests. Knowing your preferences will enable us and the crew to ensure that you have everything that you need onboard.

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Securing Your Chosen Yacht

Charters are always subject to a fully executed contract. Once your Charter Consultant has confirmed the availability of your selected yacht, you will receive a Charter Agreement (MYBA), with a request to place a deposit in order to secure your booking. The Charter Agreement specifies the terms and conditions, rights and obligations of each party. Upon signature of the Charter Agreement a deposit of 50% of the total charter fee is required so that you can to confirm your booking. The remaining 50% of the charter fee, plus the (APA) Advance Provisioning Allowance and any delivery/redelivery fees, VAT taxes as well as other agreed charges are due one month before the charter begins.

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Using the Yacht Amenities

During your charter you are allowed to use all amenities on the yacht and enjoy it as if it were your own. When it comes to watersports and scuba diving equipment, in most countries a license is necessary for certain water toys (e.g. jet skis, wave runners and other mechanically propelled watercraft) and there may be an age limit. To utilize the yacht’s Scuba diving equipment, a certified PADI license or equivalent is necessary. If you do not have the required certificates, our team can usually arrange for an instructor to come onboard the yacht during your charter.