The words “best” and “luxury” leave a lot up to interpretation. “Best” depends on the user’s specific needs and “luxury” is usually found on larger yachts although some boats under 60 feet can be luxurious too. For our purposes, let’s focus on premier brands. Some are semi-custom or production models below 100 feet while others above that length are considered to be superyachts and one-off designs. We’ve compiled 11 of the best luxury boat brands for you to consider when buying (or renting with us): 

  1. Wally 
  2. Zeelander 
  3. Sanlorenzo 
  4. Ferretti 
  5. Riva 
  6. Sunseeker 
  7. Bennetti 
  8. Nordhavn 
  9. Oceano 
  10. Lurssen 
  11. TechnoRib 

Don’t leave without catching our Pro Top at the very end. 

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1. Wally

wally boats

Unquestionably avant garde, Wally builds sail and motor yachts with head-turning styling and groundbreaking functionality. Their plumb bows and sleek profiles get noticed in ports around the world and they just launched the Wally Wind 110 carbon fiber speedster. 

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2. Zeelander

zeelander boats

A combination of retro aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, Zeelander from the Netherlands started just 15 years ago but has had a meteoric rise with their bold designs. Each boat takes around 20,000 man-hours to create and it shows in the details.

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3. Sanlorenzo Yachts 

Sanlorenzo yachts

With motor yachts (70-110 feet) and superyachts (120+ feet), Italy’s Sanlorenzo is renowned for excellent craftsmanship, roomy proportions, beautiful interiors, and superior quality. This yacht company has been helping boater create their own yachts since 1958.  wally

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4. Ferretti

Ferretti yachts

For over 50 years, Ferretti Yachts has been building premier models in Italy. Today, they have flybridge designs from 50 to 100 feet, all of which are exquisite in detail and finish. 

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5. Riva

riva yachts

Part of the Ferretti Yachts group, Riva models (27 to 115 feet) have a heritage that goes back to the 1800s. They’re known for comfort and timeless elegance, unquestionable reliability, and elite Italian styling.  

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6. Sunseeker

British motor yacht builder, Sunseeker, is known for thier variety of yachts from large cruisers to sporty models including the Predator 80, Manhattan 52 and Sunseeker 155. Hailed for performance, Sunseeker also creates unrivaled luxury accommodations, so owners travel in style and arrive before everyone else. 

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7. Bennetti 

Bennetti  yachts

Benetti has been building yachts for 150 years and has the production capacity to build 100 syperyachts per year. Attention to detail and a focus on advanced technology differentiate Benneti yachts and make models like the Delfino 93 highly sought after. 

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8. Nordhavn


On the more rugged expedition yacht side of yachting, there’s Nordhavn with its shippy-looking trawlers that can go the distance. To date, the largest ocean-going Nordhavn delivered has been 120 feet LOA.  

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9. Oceanco

Oceanco yachts

A fully custom builder, Oceanco Yachts in the Netherlands has been operating for three decades and delivers displacement sail and motor vessels that are one-of-a-kind and reach up to nearly 500 feet LOA.

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10. Lurssen 

Lurssen yachts

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When the one percent seek a unique yacht, many turn to Lurrsen, the German manufacturer that started by building racing row boats in the 1800s. The company still carries the family name and builds the kind of yachts that carry multiple swimming pools as well as two helipads. 

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11. TecnoRib


On the other end of the spectrum from custom superyacht builders is Italian TecnoRib with their rigid inflatable jet tenders and walkaround designs. Don’t be fooled by their size, the largest Pirelli model walkaround has a luxurious cabin and is 50 feet long.   

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A little word on luxury

Luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean “large boat.” Sometimes it just means your wants are being met all way through. Whether it’s a cozy interior or selecting a few amenities from our Add-ons list, there’s a bit of luxury for everyone with Boatsetter. 

Pro Tip: If your slip isn’t big enough for a superyacht but you still want the swankiest and most upmarket design, consider a Zeelander or TecnoRib in the 40-foot range. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.