2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale – 15″ in. Shaft

2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale – 15″ in. Shaft

Model: 60R 1.0L L4 15″ Shaft
Make: Mercury
Year: 2023
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2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale – 15″ in. Shaft


Engine Type I4 NA 4S
Displacement 1 L


Shaft Length 15 in.
Weight 268 lb.


Propshaft Horsepower 60 HP
Full Throttle Operating Range 5800-6300 RPM
Gear Ratio / Shift 2.33:1
Fuel Induction Naturally Aspirated
Alternator 18 Amp
Warranty 3-Year


The Mercury Racing 60R outboard is a brilliant performance solution for technical flats skiffs. This lightweight, compact outboard is a powerhouse tuned and geared to deliver amazing hole-shot acceleration for instant on-plane performance in skinny water.

  • Single Overhead Cam: A single overhead camshaft cylinder head keeps the powerhead as light and slim as possible for less intrusion on the transom.
  • EFI: Electronic fuel injection (EFI) provides precise fuel metering for easy starts and smooth, clean operation.
  • 18-Amp Alternator: A powerful 18-amp alternator is designed to maintain battery charge on boats equipped with angling electronics and baitwell pumps.
  • Spitfire XP Propeller: TheSpitfire XP propeller is designed to be the ultimate prop for the 60R. Created to specifically match the power curve, gear ratio and gearcase shape of the engine, the Spitfire XP has a four-blade design and long barrel that combine to deliver the lightning-fast hole shot shallow-water anglers desire.
  • 15″ Midsection: its perfectly on a 15-inch transom and under a compact poling platform to lower the center of gravity for improved stability.
  • High-Thrust Gearcase: The high-thrust gearcase can handle up to 20 percent more prop-blade area than a standard gearcase and provides added lift aft to boost hole-shot performance.
  • Smartcraft Integrated Marine Technology: Engine Guardian monitors vital engine sensors for early indications of problems and takes corrective action to reduce the risk of engine damage and can display critical engine data on a SmartCraft System instrument or a compatible display screen.
  • High-Thrust Gearcase: A 4.88-inch diameter gearcase with a robust 2.33:1 gear ratio combined with the four-blade Spitfire XP prop lifts the stern to blast the boat on plane.
  • A Perfect Fit: Drops right on a 15-inch transom – no jack plate or awkward flared transom required.
  • Tuned To Perform: This four-cylinder 1.0-liter long- stroke powerhead is tuned for torque. That power is transferred to a larger diameter, high-thrust gearcase, shaped to provide added lift and designed and geared to accommodate bigger props. It’s a combination created expressly to deliver instant hole- shot acceleration and confident handling at speed.
  • Racing Style: Mercury Racing R-Series graphics over a classic Phantom Black finish let the world know this is no ordinary outboard motor. Exclusive hand-crafted performance is delivered with singular style.
  • Run To The Fish – And Back Home – With Confidence: To extend range the 60R is equipped with computer-controlled electronic fuel injection (EFI). programmed to deliver outstanding fuel economy at cruising speed on 87-octane fuel.
  • Full Throttle RPM: 5800-6300 RPM
  • Rated HP: 60 HP
  • Cylinders: L4
  • Displacement: 1 L
  • Shaft Length: 15″
  • Trim System: Standard
  • Mid Section: Standard
  • Skeg: Straight
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Induction System: Naturally Aspirated
  • Fuel Requirement: Unleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M/2) Or 90 RON
  • Charging: 18 Amp
  • Throttle & Shift Controls: Mechanical
  • Gearcase: 4.25-Inch Diameter, High-Thrust
  • Gear Ratio: 2.33:1
  • Dry Weight: 268 lbs
  • Mounts: Hard Rubber
  • Engine Type: I-4 NA 4S

2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale 2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale 2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale 2023 Mercury 60R 1.0L L4 For Sale


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