South East Asia Yacht Charter Guide

One of the most exciting and unique charter destinations South East Asia perfectly combines rich culture, delicious cuisine, architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. Its warm waters are filled with wonderful islands, several of which can only be accessed by yacht, making a yacht charter in the area a perfectly private retreat with endless possibilities for scuba diving and watersports. Yacht charters in Asia are increasing in popularity every year and are becoming a ‘must’ do.

South East Asia stands out for its breathtaking yachting destinations including Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The area is highly diverse, rich with culture, and history and is home to world-famous temples and breathtaking ancient sites, spectacular beaches, and cosmopolitan cities. One of the top reasons to visit the area is its incomparable food, which perfectly amalgamates elements from Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Thailand is known for being home to some of the finest dive sites in the world, while Bali and Indonesia boast marvelous volcanic landscapes ideal for long explorations ashore. Over the years, Singapore has turned into one of the most exclusive destinations worldwide known for its architecture and famous events including the Singapore Grand Prix.

The best season to visit the region is from November to August, depending on the particular location. During this period the weather is less humid and rain is scarce as the northeast breeze is blowing. The monsoon season begins in July and goes through to October and the climate is characterized by high humidity and rain. The temperatures are comfortable and remain stable all year round.