Norway Yacht Charter Guide

In the land of the Vikings, the natural scenery of Norway is some of the most dramatic in the world. A destination that is best seen from the water, the huge spaces, imposing fjords, impressive waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers have a way of making you feel at one with nature. From the harsh wilderness of Svalbard – where polar bears outnumber people – to the cosmopolitan capital, this is a country where modernity meets nature at its most raw. A Norway yacht charter is the ideal way to experience the true spirit of the country. Take home memories of sailing past imposing fjords rising sheer from icy waters, watching orca and humpback whales glide past your boat, and watching for the ethereal display of the Northern Lights from the deck of your luxury boat. A cruise to Norway is a truly magical experience.

Best Time To Visit: May to September offer good cruising conditions, with the best weather in June-August. The Northern Lights are best seen in winter.

Key Cruising Areas: The fjords and west coast of Norway are memorable areas to sail, with many anchorages and quiet bays to stop in. For a longer sail, the archipelago of Svalbard is an interesting stop.

Don’t Miss: The fjords in Norway are world-famous, and the most stunning of all is Geirangerfjord. Sheer cliffs blanketed in dark green pines rise dramatically from deep blue water, topped with snow and glaciers feeding wild waterfalls that carve through the forests. If that’s not enough, sail around to neighboring Hjorundfjord for more spectacular views.

Best Spots for Wining and Dining: Europe’s fastest-growing capital, Oslo, is exploding with excellent eateries and lively bars. Of the three ‘Michelin-starred restaurants in Oslo, the exclusive Maaemo is a culinary experience not to be missed. Chef Esben Holmboe Bang will take you on a journey through the seasons of Norway with his incredible set menu.