Motor Yachts For Sale

The most popular style of luxury yacht – a motor yacht offers many benefits including a variety of large and versatile spaces for groups of all sizes to enjoy. Thanks to their generous volumes motor yachts are usually able to play host to countless amenities, from large staterooms to on-deck Jacuzzi, or some other features including onboard cinemas, bars, relaxation hubs, indoor and outdoor dining, and even wellness zones with saunas and spas. With plenty of onboard storage most large motor yachts will also carry an exciting range of water toys and tenders, making them a good choice for water lovers or families or those planning to charter out their yacht. You’ll be spoilt for choice, with many different types of yacht styles and hulls to consider depending on how you plan to use your yacht.

For thrillseekers, an open or sports-style yacht will appeal, delivering exciting speeds, sleek styling, and open-plan on-water living. At the other end of the spectrum, displacement yachts promise large volumes, impressive range and are well suited to longer itineraries. A semi-displacement yacht is a good compromise between open and displacement, combining speed with generous spaces and good performance.

For the adventurous of spirit and explorer or expedition yacht will likely be your pick – designed to travel off the milk run, to remote or far-flung destinations an explorer yacht is the perfect way to see the world. Keen fishermen and women may want to select a sportsfisher yacht, tailored specifically to anglers to allow them to indulge their passion for fishing in a high luxury setting. For many, the charm, grace, and elegant lines of classic-style yachts have a timeless appeal. Or why not consider a hybrid yacht that minimizes its impact on the environment with efficient performance, while drawing on advanced ‘green’ technologies.
No matter what type of motor yacht you are after, We have a full selection of all types and sizes.