Mediterranean Yacht Charter Guide

The Mediterranean is truly a place like no other, and a yacht vacation in this region is an experience that is unparalleled. It provides the perfect setting for exploration, with a backdrop of stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and thousands of islands to discover from the deck of your private yacht. Not to mention the alluringly blue waters of the sea, a sight that inspired the naming of an entire ocean. It is no wonder that Picasso and other impressionist artists were captivated by the vibrant colors of the sea, sky, and the land between.

The region’s timeless allure and vast array of experiences is unrivalled, granting seafaring guests with a plethora of sights, sounds and flavours. Centuries of history are evident in the regions culture, traditions, architecture, art, cuisine, and scenery; and no other destination offers such a truly cosmopolitan experience. There is no better way to take in all the Mediterranean has to offer than from the comfort of a luxury yacht charter – an unparalleled vantage point from which to explore the wonders of this unique part of the world.

From the sparkling towns of the Côte d’Azur to the picturesque Greek islands, the clear turquoise waters of southern Italy to the Dalmatian coast, this region has been home to thousands of years of history. And for those who want to indulge in a little sparkle and nightlife, IbizaMykonos and Saint Tropez offer a glamorous array of fine dining and dancing under the stars.

For those looking for a tranquil escape, there are plenty of secluded harbours, crystal-clear waters and sheltered bays that can only be accessed by boat. The French Riviera is home to a glittering program of social and sporting events throughout the summer, from the illustrious Cannes Film Festival to the iconic Monaco Grand Prix. Get a front-row view of the Formula One cars as they race off the starting line, all from the comfort of your aft deck. From April to October, superyachts flock to Monte Carlo to experience the thrill of the Mediterranean season, in the capital of yachting.

Even though the summer is the peak of the charter season, the fall is a wonderful time to visit this captivating region by sea. Temperatures are still warm and comfortable, and the sea is still enjoyable for swimming, having been warmed all summer long. You can escape the summertime crowds in popular Mediterranean tourist destinations, and you can secure berths and anchorages more easily.