Hybrid Yachts For Sale

More and more yacht owners are now looking for ways to ensure that their yacht is as operationally green as possible, with minimal impact on the environments they cruise in and a motor yacht with hybrid propulsion is an appealing choice for this reason. With the majority of superyachts powered by motor rather than sail, addressing the carbon footprint of a superyacht is inevitable and huge leaps have been made in the research and development of impressive hybrid systems for superyachts, without any compromise on speed and performance.

So what exactly is a hybrid yacht?

In summary, hybrid yachts use a combination of electric battery and engine power for their propulsion systems, allowing for a more environmentally friendly cruising experience. These yachts employ advanced hybrid technologies and are more fuel-efficient than traditional yachts.

The 2008 Royal Huisman superyacht Ethereal is renowned as the first-ever hybrid, created for eco-conscious owners who wanted to create something unique.

Able to switch between modes – operating in electric, diesel/electric, or full diesel mode, with the battery available to give an added boost of speed if needed – these yachts allow their owners to use them most efficiently. Other benefits of hybrid systems include reduced engine noise, fewer transmissions, and lower fuel consumption – a winning combination! This is especially suited for overnight passages, without the noise of a traditional propulsion system, or for low emissions when in a harbor or a pristine spot. The appeal of enjoying a quiet bay without any engine noise is clear. A bonus is that the electric system can be used as and when required, ensuring that the full diesel propulsion system is available should it be needed.