Displacement Yachts For Sale

Displacement yachts are for serious deep blue enthusiasts, combining huge amounts of onboard space and deep drafts and rounded hulls that are ideal for long passages on the open water. The fuel carrying capacities of this style of yacht, combined with economical and fuel-efficient cruising capabilities, mean that displacement motor yachts have the range to be able to take passengers on longer trips.

A displacement hull allows the yacht to move through the ocean, displacing water, rather than riding on top of it in the style of a planing yacht. The dynamic stability of a displacement yacht makes for more comfortable cruising, with superior seakeeping when compared to fast/planing yachts. Their rounded hull design has the added bonus of offering huge storage space – perfect for storing dive equipment or other water toys.

Of all the yacht types a displacement yacht offers the greatest volume in the main spaces onboard, allowing for any type of interior including opulent materials such as marble and your pick of interior furnishings. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking for an unrestricted scope for interior styling and large onboard spaces, or those choosing a yacht suited to larger groups. An impressive master suite and generous guests suites are a given. The small trade-off of these huge spaces is that displacement yachts have a deeper draft and are not always suited to visiting shallower anchorages. However, with plenty of onboard storage, your yacht will be able to easily carry tenders – several if desired! – for easy movement to and from the yacht and when exploring closer to shore.