2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up w/Sound System


2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up w/Sound System.

  • Rider capacity: 2
  • Weight capacity: 352 lb / 160 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 7.9 US gal / 30 L
  • Storage capacity – Glove Box: 0.42 US gal / 1.6 L


2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up w/Sound System.


The one-of-a-kind SPARK TRIXX™ makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun, you’ll never want the day to end.

Feature Highlights
  • Handlebar with Adjustable Riser: A telescopic steering system that optimizes the experience for varying rider sizes
  • Step Wedges: Provides enhanced stability and confidence in different riding positions making it easier to pull off tricks like a pro.
  • Extended Range VTS™ (Variable Trim System): Offers double the range of the regular VTS™ for easier and more exaggerated tricks.
  • iBR® (Intelligent Brake & Reverse): Exclusive to Sea-Doo®, iBR® stops the watercraft sooner and provides more control and maneuverability at low speeds and in reverse.
  • Exclusive Coloration: Exclusive TRIXX™ coloration.
  • BRP Audio-Portable System: High-quality, waterproof 50-watt Bluetooth® portable sound system.
  • Length: 110″ / 279 cm
  • Width: 46″ / 118 cm
  • Height: 42″ / 107 cm
  • Type: SPARK® Hull
  • Material: Polytec™ – Lightweight and Scratch resistant
Rotax® Engine
  • Rotax® Engine: 900 HO ACE™
  • Intake system: Naturally aspirated
  • Displacement: 899 cc
  • Cooling: Closed-Loop Cooling system (CLCS)
  • Reverse system: Electronic iBR®*
  • Fuel type: 87 octane
  • Throttle System: iTC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control) system
  • Exhaust System: D-Sea-BeI™ system
  • Type of Gauge: Compact
  • Main Functions: Speedometer, RPM, VTS™ Display, Vehicle Hour Display, Sport Mode
  • Dry weight: 422 lb / 192 kg
Other Features
  • iControl®
  • Slim Seat
  • Seat Strap
  • High-Performance VTS™ (Variable Trim System)
  • Wetgrip Footboard
  • Handlegrip with Palm Rests
  • Tow Hook
  • Bilge Pump Kit
  • BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.
TRIXX™ Package
  • Handlebar with Adjustable Riser
  • iBR® (Intelligent Brake & Reverse)
  • Extended Range VTS™ (Variable Trim System)
  • Blidge Pump
  • Step Wedges
  • Exclusive Coloration.

2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up 2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up 2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up 2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up 2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX 2up


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