Explorer / Expedition Yachts For Sale

An increasing number of yacht owners are looking for a more exciting sailing experience, prompting an increased demand for explorer or expedition yachts, which are engineered to take on longer trips and expeditions across the ocean.

Those who seek adventure can benefit from expedition yachts, which provide a blend of features found in motor yachts, as well as stability, performance, luxury styling, and comfort.

Explorer yachts have strong hulls that can easily navigate through different types of water and weather conditions. They are just as comfortable when moored in icy waters near a distant island as they are when docked in a bustling city.

These yachts have the capability to venture far and wide, enabling them to go to once-unreachable places or explore areas where there are no other vessels. With their Ice-Classed hulls, they are able to traverse even the most challenging icy waters.

Ideal for travelers embarking on a lengthy journey or venturing into uncharted territory, explorer yachts offer plenty of storage and well-arranged spaces to store supplies, recreational items, and other gear.

Legend, the 78m explorer yacht, is renowned for its amazing array of toys, ranging from snowmobiles to a threeperson submarine!

The cabins on expedition yachts are equipped with features that make longer trips more comfortable, offering numerous private spaces for guests to retreat to and enjoy during their voyage.

Picture coming straight from a dive on a remote reef, enjoying a massage in your yacht’s private spa before relaxing on the deck in the sunshine. Exploring the frozen tundra on a snowmobile, taking in the wildlife and marine life, then returning to the comfort of your yacht to enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

If you dream an adventure, an explorer yacht can take you there.